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Expert Personal Trainer Jodi Wickham can work with men and women for all of your different needs. From muscle gain to weight loss, Jodi will work closely with you to produce effective long lasting results.

“There was a time where I was afraid to go to the gym. I was very nervous. I wasn’t happy with myself. I had no confidence. I’ve been where you are.”

Jodi Wickham, Owner

About JAW Fitness

Growing up I was always the “bigger kid” as my mum called it “puppy fat” but that puppy fat never seemed to disappear. Which was quite surprising because I was always so active since such a young age.

I used to love playing football, hanging round with the lads, I was a typical ‘Tom Boy’ but as I got to the age of 15, discovered my hair looked nice down and eyelashes looked better with a bit of mascara on, I threw my Lacoste tracksuits in the bin and started to wear jeans.

My activity levels were pretty much zero and I ate anything I wanted with no restrictions. Before I knew it I was 19 years old, overweight, self conscious, depressed, uncomfortable and sad, I was angry at everybody else but myself!

It wasn’t anybody else’s fault, it was my own.

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The day I remember so vividly that changed my life forever….. I was at Aintree Races with my best friends, I’d had my makeup and hair done, I had a pretty dress on and i felt fabulous, until I got horrific names hurled at me by a group of 4/5 lads in a car telling me I was FAT. For no apparent reason by the way, I was minding my own business.

But HEY, I’m a firm believer in “Everything happens for a reason” That was the moment I realised I had gone too far and it was time to make a change, for myself. And I did! The following week was the start of “The New Me”, my Fitness Journey began along with a whole new lifestyle.

I found my love for training, the buzz I had was unexplainable when I started seeing results, I became mentally stronger as well as physically, the weight dropped off at first but then I started to plateau and I soon realised that was the easiest part. The hardest part is keeping it off.

So 5 years later I had become very repetitive in my ways, my body was almost in Robot Mode, I was doing the same things, day in, day out, eating the same things day in, day out.

I realised here that there is no end to this fitness journey, you always want more.
So I got myself a personal trainer, Adam. I have never looked back since. I found a whole new love for training again, I was intrigued, always learning, always wanting more.

At this point I was in a 9-5 job which I enjoyed but I didn’t Love. I didn’t ever hate going to work, I just knew it wasn’t something i wanted to do for the rest of my life.

A couple of years later, Adam asked me if i had ever thought of becoming a personal trainer? Obviously I had, it felt although it would be my dream job. Who wouldn’t want to wear gym clothes every single day, doing something they love, supporting others? But I was now at a completely different stage in my life, I had a partner, we had a house, a mortgage, I had responsibilities, I couldn’t just leave my 9-5 job with no source of income.

I was stuck in a rut so now the job I liked soon became the job I disliked because all I could think about was wanting to be a personal trainer so after speaking with my partner I researched into coursesIi could do part-time to give me a Level 3 Personal Training Qualification, eventually I found one suitable. That just meant I was working full time and completing a part time PT course but it was worth it. After long gruelling 12 months which seemed a lifetime, I finally qualified in April 2018.

The long gruelling hours didn’t stop there though, I was then personal training part time to build up a clientele. It was finally in October 2018 that I took the plunge and I did it. I took a huge leap into the deep end, I quit my full time 9-5 job and I became a full time personal trainer. I now work in the UNIT, with Adam

Now thats my journey…. it’s up to YOU to start yours

What We Do

One to One Sessions

Working with clients on a one to one session focusing on their personal development plan & goals.

Tracking Goals

Tracking your fitness goals each session and regularly adjusting your fitness plans to ensure we achieve your targets.

High Intensity Sessions

High Intensity Sessions to help you achieve your fitness goals more quickly with intense training.

Easy Fitness Tracking

Introducing you to the most effective tools to help you track your personal progress and goals at home.

Weight Management

Regularly keeping track of your weight and tweaking sessions based on your personal progress.

Dietary Advice

We are not nutritionists, but we will share with you our favourite recipes which help towards your personal goals.

Make a Booking

You can now book in with Jodi online using our all new online booking system. From 1st May 2019, all one to one sessions can be booked through the website. Just choose a slot and enter your details to book in.

One to one sessions are 45 mins long.


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